Gears of War head wants the Brumak in Monster Hunter


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Where there are no chest-high walls to hide behind

Here's a softball story that will almost certainly never develop into anything beyond "Gee, that'd be neat!" Regardless, it's a weird and interesting crossover idea.

Rod Fergusson, the head of studio The Coalition and the lead on Gears of War, would like to see a beloved Gears monstrosity in Monster Hunter:

Gee, that'd be neat! The Brumak definitely qualifies as a monster, and it was an enjoyable enough time hunting it in Gears of War. Maybe it's a bit aesthetically similar to the Barroth, but those guns are enough variance. And it's not like Capcom isn't open to crossover content.

Let's take it a step further, though. Add the Lambent Brumak to Monster Hunter. Give us a proper fight this time. Gears of War 2 never did it justice.

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